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Wireless Satellite Signal Uhf Transmitter

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Product Detail

    Key Features

    1.Enhanced signal transmission quality 

    2.Intelligent and modularized amplifier unit, takes high power gain and high linear LDMOS tube amplifier module design

    3.Low power consumption and super linear design to improve the transmission power, and reduce the nonlinear distortion

    4.LED on the front panel support alarm and signal monitor

    5.Stabilized-power supply with wide range of voltage and high efficiency

    6.Multi lightning protection measures, good protection for whole equipment.

    7.24-hour working unmanned, user friendly design

    8.Support fault self-diagnosis

    9.Support MFN and SFN system

    10.Easy to install, elegant appearance?

    11.Monitoring Objects and Alarm Status

    Monitoring Objects

    Alarm Status

    Power Supply






    Antenna feed system


    Technical Specifications

    Phase noise

    Center frequency deviation (Hz)

    Local oscillator (dBc/Hz)


    = - 70


    = - 85


    = - 95

    @10 k

    = - 100

    @100 k

    = - 111

    @1 M

    = - 125

    Electrical Parameters


    Technical specs

    Basic Parameters

    TV Standard


    Modulating mode

    4/16/32/64 QAM

    Frequency stability (3 months)

    External Frequency Range: =10-10

    Internal Frequency Range: =10-7

    Frequency accuracy

    MFN: ±100Hz  /  SFN: ±1Hz

    Local oscillator phase noise

    See table above

    In-band stray


    In-band ripple(fc±3.591MHz)


    Out-of-band rejection



    Frequency range

    470MHz~806MHz (any 100MHz bandwidth)



    Input reflection loss





    Output power


    Frequency range

    470MHz~806MHz (any 100MHz bandwidth)

    Output impedance


    In-band ripple(fc±3.591MHz)


    Shoulder level

    =40dB@central frequency FC±4.2MHz (after correction, single channel)


    =35dB (after correction, single channel)

    output reflection loss


    Output power variation


    Inner adjacent channel transmission power

    Inner adjacent channel transmission power : in-band transmission power=-60dB,
    meet that Inner adjacent channel transmission power=13mW

    External adjacent channel transmission power

    External adjacent channel transmission power : in-band transmission power=-65dB,
    meet that Inner adjacent channel transmission power=13mW

    Environment condition

    Working temperature


    Storage temperature


    Relatively humidity

    <95%(no condensation at 25?)

    atm press


    power supply



    1.Cover range 

    Regarding the cover range, it related to the height of hanging location of antenna to cover area, for example, if antenna hanging height is 100m, the cover radius of 1kw fm transmitter is 30-40km. If the antenna hanging height is 50m, the cover radius of 1kw fm transmitter is 20km. That is, if the hanging height is lower, the signal gain attenuation is much more. Different power, different hanging height, the cover range is different. If you want to get larger coverage range, you can make up synchronous transmitting network to enlarge the coverage range. Usually, in the fm, vhf and uhf band, a transmitter can cover a city/town. Because the earth is round, it has curvature. 

    The reference cover range is showed as follow:

    Take the 100m hanging height as example,

    Power   cover range 

    1kw     30-40km

    3kw     40-60km

    5kw     50-70km

    The power is more than 5kw, the tower height is suggested to be more than 140m.

    2.We can produce

    We can produce the transmitter according to the customer’s requirement. Regarding the input power, it is can be adjusted according to the customer’s local condition, as well as equipping monitoring system and timing switch system.  

    3.Terms of payment

    L/C and T/T

    4.Delivery period

    It is according to the customer’s quantity requirement. For example, 1kw, it will take about 7 working days after the contract effective.

    For 3-5kw, it will take about 15 days.

    5.The products we can produce

    FM 30w, 100w, 300w, 500w, 1kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 15kw

    TV 100w, 300w, 500w, 1kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw

    Digital TV 100w, 300w, 500w, 1kw

    We also produce the rare power according to customer’s requirement, such as, 2kw, 4kw, 7kw

    The minimum power we can produce is 15w and maximum power we can produce is 20kw. 

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